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This is simplified version of regular FatBreak without option to choose upper or lower contact. It is used to connect typical Fatar diode matrix keyboard to DMS-2K dual diode matrix scanner, or MIDI128 standalone 2-keyboard organ MIDI controller To connect one keyboard you need one set as shown in the picture above. This board does not help in velocity sensing, it is only to simplify connection to DMS-2K scanner board, which is not velocity-sensitive. Obviously you also need 16-wire ribbon cable to connect FatBreak2 with MIDI128 or DMS-2K, which is NOT provided with FatBreak2. They are widely availe and easy to make by yourself, cut to length.

There are actually 2 types of FatBreak2. The difference is only about upper or lower keyboard contact chosen for MIDI trigger. The option "deep trigger" is most popular, it makes MIDI board trigger a MIDI note when key is fully pressed, just like in any regular MIDI keyboard controller or synthesizer. The version "shallow trigger" alows to play a note just a few milimeters below rest position. This is sometimes prefered by Hammond players and organists.

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