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This Eurorack Module is a decoder of MIDI notes to 24 digital outputs. It can be used in one of 4 modes, serving as MIDI-to-gate, or MIDI-to-trigger, with possibility to alter trigger duration by note velocity. 4th working mode generates separate triggers for note-on and note-off. In all trigger modes, pulse width can be set with a knob and CV


  • converts MIDI notes to 24 gate/trigger outputs
  • pulsed modes possible, with fixed duration and velocity dependent
  • dual mode with separate pulse for beginning and end of a note (12 output pairs)
  • 5V active level, 0V rest level
  • MIDI learn button for setting MIDI channel and starting note
  • settings stored in nonvolatile memory
  • reversed power polarity protected
  • width 14HP
  • power requirements 10mA on +12V rail
  • more marketing talk

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