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This electronic board is a decoder of MIDI notes to 64 digital outputs, in another words midi-to-digital or midi-to-trigger. In default mode each output represents one note. When a note starts, output voltage goes to 5V, and drops to 0V after note release. It may be used to control your proprietary controller or driver, but it's also possible to drive LEDs directly from this board. MIDECO boards can be chained by MIDI THRU output. Each of them can work in different channel and keys range thanks to user friendly MIDI-learn input. In other modes the outputs are only pulsed, regardless of note duration, so it may be used as trigger source for analog drum machine. And there's also possibility to couple the outputs so one pulses when note starts, and the other one when the same note ends. This may be usable to drive polarized relays, or Stop Action Magnets


  • converts MIDI notes to 64 digital logic outputs
  • pulsed modes possible, with constant duration and velocity dependent
  • dual coil control in SAM control mode (32 output pairs)
  • can drive indicator LEDs directly at 3-4mA
  • MIDI THRU for chaining the boards, or any MIDI equipment
  • user defined channel and starting note
  • configuration by MIDI-learn button, and Sys-Ex
  • user configured positive or reversed logic (note on is 5V, or 0V)
  • user defined pulse duration range from 1ms to over 2s
  • settings stored in nonvolatile memory
  • 2 indicator LEDs, for incoming MIDI, and notes found within selected range
  • requires 5-24V DC power supply
  • small size
  • more marketing talk

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