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Need to drive heavy loads exceeding 2 Amps? No problem with our MIBO plug-on module. It works as output current booster and needs MIDECO to operate. MIDECO by itself is able to control LEDs with mere 3.5mA, but when MIBO is plugged on top, each output can sink 2A of current from loads tied at rail voltage going up to 35V. This is more than enough if you want to build MIDI controlled lights, motors, solenoids, or anything else requiring considerably high current.
All 64 outputs are accessible at easy to use and secure connections for individual wires, not requiring any soldering or special tools. One small screw terminal is responsible for collecting all current to your high power supply ground. That GND connection should be connected to your power supply with thickest possible wire, because summary current may reach tens of Amps at this point.

See how MIBO nicely plugs onto MIDECO:

You should never, ever, at any time, disconnect power ground from MIBO or MIDECO, or unplug MIBO from MIDECO while the power is on. This may cause MIBO to burn up in smoke with potential damage to your health caused by exploding parts. Every operation regarding MIBO installation must be performed without power applied. It is highly recommended to supply MIDECO from the same power supply that is feeding your MIBO loads. In all other cases you MUST switch off the high power supply before MIDECO gets powered off

For proper operation you must ensure that MIBO and MIDECO are screwed together with supplied screws. This way GND of both boards is already connected and you only need to provide [+] of power supply to MIDECO.

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