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DMS-2K stands for Diode Matrix Scanner for 2 Keyboards. It's useful when you want to connect a keyboard equipped with 8x8 diode matrix. Most of keyboards made today have diode matrix under the keys, integrated with contacts. The diode matrix comes in different flavors, it is sometimes 6x11 or 6x12, 8x16. DMS-2K can work with 2 keyboards in 8x8 topology, or one keyboard in 12x8 layout. Still, in any matrix there is room for designer creativity and it can be oriented in many ways. But most of them can be connected to DMS-2K without the need for diode reversal, or major rewiring. You simply select one of the 6 possible matrix layouts, or in other words - change order of notes in keyboard. Basicaly you play the keyboard, and it turns out the notes are not in correct order. So select another layout (you need any other working keyboard to do that) until you find the proper one. This setting is memorized within DMS-2K and needs to be done only once during installation.

As any other scanner board, this one cannot work just by itself, but it needs one of the master controllers to operate.


  • scans 64 contacts, 8x8 diode matrix
  • user defined one of 4 different matrix layouts
  • usable with MRG2, MBBS, MIDI128, MPOT32
  • includes cable to master controller
  • dimensions: 45x38mm (1.8'' x 1.5'')

Click here to get connection diagram for default diode matrix configuration

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