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High quality pushbutton switch, can work with LITSW directly, or if you need brighter backlit - in conjunction with LITBO. White cap only. The cap can be removed to insert any marking inside, printed on transparent foil.

  • actuator diameter 12mm
  • text area diameter 10mm
  • collar diameter 14mm
  • mounting hole diameter 12mm
  • full stroke 3.5mm
  • very good snap action and feel
  • total depth from panel front face, including leads 31mm (23mm without leads)
  • total height over the panel 10mm
  • max panel thickness 6mm
  • high efficiency bidirectional white LED

Picture below shows how the botton lights up when driven by LITSW board.

Connections and how to use it with LITSW

  • "COM" and "-" tied together and connected to LITSW blade connector marked "COM".
  • "NO" is the switch contact, it goes to even pins of LITSW (2,4,6,8,...)
  • "+" i the LED terminal, it goes to odd pins of LITSW (1,3,5,7,...)
  • "NC" is normally closed contact, not usable with LITSW

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