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It is scanner of up to 32 contacts and 4 potentiometers. It usually finds its place in pedals of organ consoles. The board shown above has 12-way female socket for diode matrix needed to connect contacts. Red 12-way connector is for potentiometers, while 4-pin white connector is for conection with master controller.

As a standard it comes with 1.5m (5ft) cable to master controller. It is highly recommended to install this board at the pedals, so only inter-board cable goes from the floor to upper console. The cable to potentiometers must also be short, preferably no more than 30cm.

As any other scanner board, this one cannot work just by itself, but it needs one of the master controllers to operate.


  • scans 32 contacts in 4x8 diode matrix
  • scans 4 potentiometer or external voltages
  • user defined update rate and resolution of the pot inputs
  • user selected 4 different diode matrix layouts
  • usable with MRG2, MBBS, MIDI128, MPOT32
  • includes cable to master controller
  • dimensions of PCB: 36x28mm (1.4'' x 1.1'')

Here is an example of diode matrix needed for PDS to work properly by default (3 other layouts are also possible):

And this is how to connect potentiometers to the red connector. Matching part for cable is Amp MicroMatch 1-215083-2. You may also add PotsTail to your order and have ready made cable. Pots pinout is laid out in a way so you can split the ribbon cable into four 3-wire chunks and lead each one to a potentiometer for easy soldering. No common wires like it was in case of old PDS. Pin 1 is at the side with a hole in PCB, for polarizing key of the plug. It's also the red wire of PotsTail.

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